Don't worry at all about your meals, there is something for every taste available on the island. Some guests prefer to try out the many great restaurants, other enjoy having meals prepared for them at the villa. While some guest love cooking and want to make their own meals, using our staff to complete the cleanup. The choice is completely up to you. Most guests choose a combination of eating our and eating at the villa.

While villa rental does not include the cost of food, it does include a full staff who are happy to prepare your meals at whatever times work best for you.  Jamaicangrocery stores carry most popular food items and many common brands.  Our staff routinely grocery shop for our guest.  When they do this, they will always present you with a receipt.  Anything that you don't want or that isn't used (unopened) can be returned without a problem. Guest will need to go to the grocery store or call them on the phone in order to pay off their account every few days.  Our local grocery store (L&M Grocery) is great about letting us pick up food in advance of your arrival so that we are prepared to have a snack or even full meal ready for you upon your arrival to the villa.We ask all of our guest to complete a prearrival questionnaire to let us know about their food preferences.  

We have included a list of our favorite restaurants on the attractions page of this website.  Two must try items for anyone visiting Jamaica for the first time is Jerk chicken and Patties.  Patties are as commonly eaten in Jamaica as hamburgers are in the states and for a couple of bucks you shouldn't pass up trying at least one.

After all is prepared, what better way to enjoy a meal than to sit outside by the pool and breathe in the beauty and ambiance of Jamaica. Or you could choose to make a more formal presentation with guests around the large dining tables in the dining hall. Either way, you are sure to make plenty of memories while at Seven Palms Villa.