Transportation Jamaica

We highly recommend hiring a car / van and driver for your stay. We are happy to help relieve the stress of finding your own ground transportation by arranging for a trusted van and driver for you to use on any days you need. We don’t take a commission on this cost and personally used this same company, before we began driving ourselves.  This will give you the opportunity to explore this breath-taking Caribbean paradise without the
hassle of negotiating fees and schedules. Your driver can be available on any day or time of your trip, with fees ranging from $50 - $150 per day (depending upon length and distance of your trip).

As you step outside the airport, upon arrival in Jamaica, you will be greeted by your driver. Your party will be comfortably transported using a private air-conditioned van, directly to Seven Palms Villa. The drive will take about an hour along Queens Highway, which runs along the coast and offers beautiful views of the ocean on your left and mountains on your right. We feel that this is a wonderful first introduction to the island.