Water Activities

Rio Bueno River

The Rio Bueno River is only 15 minutes away from Seven Palms Villa and offers many river adventure experiences. You can spend the day floating in an inner tube, zooming down the river on a river board, hitting the rapids in a kayak, or taking a group trip down the river on a river raft.

River Rapids offers the best river excursions in Jamaica with a strong dedication to fun, safety, and customer service. We offer a full range of unique and exciting activities on the Rio Bueno river, located in a mountain valley near the major tourism towns of Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Falmouth, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

You will have a memorable time spent enjoying scenic waterfalls, splashing rapids, picturesque river pools, and even a private beach at Bengal Bay. All tours are accompanied by professionally trained and certified tour guides, who will be with you during your entire adventure to ensure that you are safe and having lots of fun.

Our excursions are available with round trip transportation from hotels and cruise ports in Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Falmouth, and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Special requests and customized tours can be arranged for groups of 8 to 300 people.

Website: https://www.riverrapidsja.com/

Coyaba River Garden

Located at the Shaw Park Estate, Shaw Park, Ridge Road, Ocho Rios, is a small but nice museum and botanical garden, the Coyaba River Garden and Museum. The museum covers the history of Jamaica from the pre-Columbian time of the Arawak Indians up to the present day of the island's development. It also exhibits many cultural influences that have contributed to the creation of “the one”, which brought the national motto of Jamaica, “Out of Many, One People”.

The real splendor of this attraction in Ocho Rios is the beautiful and lush 3-acre garden, located 1½ miles south of Ocho Rios. Visitors will be guided on a 45-minute tour and will be introduced to the flora and fauna of Jamaica.

What Will You Find at the Coyaba River Garden and Museum?

  • A genuine water garden, with its serenity being fed by the streams that rise on the property
  • Exquisite Jamaican Spanish architecture
  • The spectacular Mahoe waterfalls
  • A Museum of Island History focusing on the forgotten Taino/Arawak culture of Jamaica's first inhabitants
  • A Shop of island curios and crafts, rums and coffees
  • Ysassis Lookout Point which offers breathtaking views of the Bay of Ocho Rios and the cruise ship terminals
  • The shade of giant banyan and cedar trees
  • Blue Mountain Coffee served in a cut-stone courtyard
  • A natural aquarium filled with koi carp, mullet, snappers and turtles
  • Coyaba River Garden and Museum at Any Season of the Year
  • A new encounter with beauty, curiosity, and nature awaits tourists in each of their visit to Coyaba. Newly flowering plants and trees mark the seasons. The reflection of sunlight on the water also tells the time of the day. Take a guided tour through the garden, amidst meandering streams an ponds. Climb the Mahoe Falls and dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall.

Website: http://www.coyabagardens.com/

Mystic Mountain

Want to see Ocho Rios from a different vantage point? Taking a tropical forest adventure tour up to the 700-foot mystic mountain peak will do just that. This environmentally friendly attraction, located in the heart of Ocho Rios, only 5 minutes away from the cruise ship pier or Dunn's River Falls, offers a unique array of adventure tours for all ages. Explore the forest's rich ecosystem, sparkling river streams or simply enjoy the spectacular views.
As the name suggests, this attraction is located on a mountain so you first have to travel up the mountainside via chair lift. The view on the trip up the mountain is absolutely beautiful! You get a wonderful view of Ocho Rios. 

The Sky Explorer is positioned prominently at the park’s entrance; the Rainforest SkyExplorer is a state-of-the-art chairlift that sends guests soaring above the treetops up 700 feet to the top of Mystic Mountain.

The descent will carry you through the heart of the canopy, giving you firsthand glimpses of the wonders of the tropical seaside rainforest in Jamaica.

After the lift up the mountain, you encounter a little museum with facts about the Jamaican bobsled team. You get a little history lesson in this area as they feature other Jamaican Olympians.

Bobsled Jamaica is the park’s signature attraction, Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica, features a 1000m long gravity-drive through the rainforest on custom designed, high-tech sleds. Accessible via the SkyExplorer, the Bobsled is a thrilling ride through dense tropical landscapes and coastal features on sleds that evoke Jamaica’s Olympic team.
The secure Zip Line attraction whisks travelers through the verdant rainforest canopy, gliding from one platform to another. If you have never ridden a zipline, you are in for an adventurous treat. Visitors can top it off with a short ride down the Rainforest SkyExplorer.

Website: http://www.rainforestadventure.com/jamaica_ocho_rios_tours_excursions/

Iris Blue Hole

One of the great places to visit while in Jamaica. It has yet to be commercialized and if you get there early you will most likely be the only people around. By noon or so other adventurers may arrive.

Getting there isn’t easy. Its a few miles up in the hills of Ocho Rios. And the road gets really rough.

Once you get there though, it’s truly a sight to behold. You can tell you’re getting close with all the lush greenery and exotic flowers around you. If you’re into photography, make sure you have a fully charged battery and some space on your memory card.

Once you see the water, you’ll have nothing on your mind except jumping in. There’s something about how blue and clean this part of the river is that makes it inviting.

To get in, you have a few options. You can jump in from a point that’s about 6 feet above the water, or for you athletic folks, there’s a rope you can grab on to, and swing in like Tarzan. You can also climb down the rocks if you don’t feel like jumping. Once your toes feel how cold the water really is, the rest of your body will refuse to follow. Just jump in and get it over with.

Once you’re in, you’ll see a little cave that is somewhat hidden by the water coming down the rocks. Once you get inside, you can climb up on the rock and have a seat. It’s a very small area though. No more than maybe 3 people can fit at a time.

Once you’ve had enough of swimming around and jumping off the rocks, ask your guide where the falls are. It’s about a 7-10 minute hike from the blue hole. There’s a narrow trail that runs along the side of the river that will take you there.

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls is one of Jamaica's national treasures. There are few places where the Arawak name "Xayamaca" - land of rivers and springs - is more apt. The Spaniards called the area "Las Chorreras", the waterfalls or springs and it is truly one of the most beautiful spots on the island.
Dunn’s River Falls has a very fascinating history. It is said to be the location of the legendary battle of "Las Chorreras". This battle was fought in the year, 1657 and took place near Dunn’s River Falls. It was between the English and the Spanish Expeditionary Force from Cuba. The battle was in fact for ownership of the island.

The outcome of the battle was in favor of The English who won. Also under the leadership of the British, Charles Pryce was the first owner of "Las Chorreras"

Website: http://www.dunnsriverfallsja.com/

Jamaican Beaches

www.greatwThere are two beaches that are close to Seven Palms Villa. Each beach offers a different experience, so when choosing what beach you'd like to visit for the day, you'll have to decide what adventures you'd like best. Cardiff Hall Beach is just a short walk from the Villa and has great waves to play in and has access to many water activities like jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, and glass bottom boat rides. For a more subdued and relaxing time, our private beach, Jamaican Breeze Beach is about a mile down the road. Because this beach has an extensive reef system just off-shore, the beach has very few waves. This makes the beach perfect for snorkeling and exploring. The beach offers many shade trees and private hammocks for relaxing.bmakers.co/seven/seven-admin/edit_bachelor.php

Cardiff Hall Beach

This beach is a member's only club with exclusive access to members of the Cardiff Hall Beach Club. On the property there are BBQ pits and picnic tables, bathrooms and outdoor showers, and lounge chairs available for rent. Just a short walk from the beach is a beach-side restaurant and many vendors.

Jamaican Breeze Beach

Jamaican Breeze is the name reserved for our future Jamaican Villa. This three acre beach property offers a beautiful private beach experience. At this location you'll be able to do plenty of relaxing in the hammocks or the beach chairs. This beach is also ideal for smaller children as the waves are very small and calm. The pocket reefs located neat to shore is a great place to snorkel. Kayaks are also available for your use at this beach. While you are here, you may even see local fisherman from whom you can buy fresh snapper or lobster for your evening meal. Fresh water and a shower is available also.

White River

On the White River you can enjoy a river trip by tubing or a more unique bamboo raft ride. What better way to enjoy Jamaica than by being outdoors on the water in the jungle? Either way you get to enjoy the landscape pass by admiring all the flora and fauna as you move along the White River. Stop along the way for more surprises and fun.
Website: http://www.ochoriosauthentictours.com/tour/dunns-river-river-tubing-blue-hole-river-shopping-tour/

PADI Certifications/Scuba Diving

Resort Divers is now open at the all new Puerto Seco Beach. We offer a wide variety of scuba diving and watersports activities and are adding more all the time. Come and join us for a glass bottom boat tour, fun for the whole family! If you feel like getting a little wet a snorkeling tour may be the right fit! Try your hand at Paddleboarding or if you already feel like an expert and want to buy a board of your own we are the exclusive providers of the LXV outdoor paddleboard line in Jamaica.

Feeling a little more adventurous learn how to scuba dive by taking our Discover Scuba Diving course. We are Jamaica’s premier PADI 5 star facility with over 35 years of experience and customer satisfaction.

Website :- https://resortdivers.com/

Dolphin Cove

Did you know that swimming with the dolphins is considered one of the top ten bucket list items?  When you come to Dolphin Cove Jamaica, you not only get a chance to live this dream, you have the opportunity to knock off a few more like riding a camel, swimming with the sharks, or even SeaTrek with the dolphins.  Dolphin Cove is a place where you come for the day but remember for a lifetime.

This magnificent property has a natural cove which is surrounded by 5 acres of lush tropical rain forest. Visitors have the opportunity to interact and "Swim With" dolphins in their natural environment while enjoying the thrill and love of these amazing animals. Visitors can also swim, hold, feed, and learn about the evolutionary secrets of the Caribbean sharks.  Visitors can capture their dream of being a dolphin trainer by taking the challenge of being “Sea Keeper” for the day.

While strolling around in our Jungle Trail, you will notice many different wild animals and creatures from the lizards to spiders.  These things are natural to Jamaica and, because of that, we have them here.  You will also notice we do not trim our trees because this is to be lush and beautiful just like our island of Jamaica.  Jamaica is full of natural wonders and beauty and that is what we want you to see and enjoy at Dolphin Cove Jamaica.

Dolphin Cove is the place to spend the day enjoying lots of fun activities. There is something for everyone. Entrance includes full use of the following activities.

  • Mini-boats and explore the coast
  • Interact and snorkel with stingrays
  • Take a glass-bottom kayak ride to explore the fascinating underwater world
  • Watch our hilarious Shark Show
  • Interact with exotic birds, snakes and iguanas on the Jungle Trail walk
  • Relax on our glistening white sandy beaches

Guests can enjoy the tropical surroundings, taste our famous Jamaican coffee at our Star Buccaneers coffee shop and browse for souvenirs or jewelery at our very own gift shops. See the Shark Show while the pirates roam freely along the boardwalk of “Little Port Royal” and perform a “jig or two”. Be entertained while you are having lunch against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea. Play some games, win a prize, and learn a little about Jamaica and Dolphins. At Dolphin Cove Jamaica there are activities to keep you busy for the entire day. Come for the Dolphins, stay for the day.

Luminous Lagoon

If you're looking for something amazing, look no further than Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon. Located in Falmouth, just 30 minutes from the Villa, this natural phenomenon is something you'll never forget. The Lumious Lagoon is home to millions of microorganisms called "dinoflagelates" that contain the ability to glow with bioluminescence. Jump into this shallow, warm lagoon and watch as the waters glow bright blue around you with any movement.