About Us

Villa's History

Welcome to our website, we are the Martins (Scott and Lori) and Seven Palms Villa is our home away from home. We first visited Jamaica on a Cruise in the 1990's. We instantly fell in love with Jamaica's beautiful landscape, friendly people and with the ocean. In 2011 we purchased three acres of land along the ocean. Our intentions were to build a large home near the beach that would serve as a vacation home for our family and the home location for a teen travel and adventure camp called Animal Camp Jamaica. We soon learned that building in Jamaica involves a lot of red tape. After months of traveling back and forth between our home in Missouri and Jamaica, we decided to buy an already complete house that we could live in while working on the island. In 2012 we purchased Seven Palms Villa and have been enjoying island life ever since.

The Villa is used exclusively during the summer months by Animal Camp Jamaica. During the program's off-season, we make Seven Palms Villa available for rental.Seven Palms is an ideal location for a family vacation. We are also a great option for mission teams or other large groups that want the privacy and security of a private home, the comforts of a villa and a price within their budget.

Why Seven Palms?

We think there is no better way to experience Jamaica than by stayingat Seven Palms Villa. Away from the crowds and noise of the resorts and yet still providing access to the same beach and attractions that resort goers have. Our villa has a private pool, a private yard, your own personal cook and housekeeper and access to our own private beach. Our staff have an intimate knowledge, love, and respect of the island. Because we vacation here too, we can put you in contact with the best people, best restaurants, best attractions; basically, the best of everything the island has to offer. And our price is usually less than what you would pay at a resort.

What Makes Jamaica Better Than Other Tropical Destinations?

Jamaica is an English-speaking nation with beautiful beaches, friendly people, lots of unique attractions, great food, and the perfect climate year-round. The water is safe to drink from the tap. Grocery stores carry foods you will recognize. The cost of plane fair is lower than to many other destinations. Most business accept US currency and the locals really appreciate you visiting.

One of our favorite things about Jamaica is the wide variety of delicious fruits. Species from around the world easily grow in Jamaicans tropical climate and provide amazing variety of flavor to try. The two-acre yard of Seven Palms Villa boasts 20 different kinds of fruits that you are welcome to sample when you visit. If you are up for a little authentic Jamaican adventure, ask your driver to take you to the produce market in Brown's Town, and then buy one of every type of fruit and vegetable to sample. My favorite is Jack Fruit.