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Seven Palms Villa

Seven Palms Villa


Seven Palms Villa


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Seven Palms Villa

Jamaica Breeze is our private beach

Two-acre estate surrounds Seven Palms

Living Room – looking toward the courtyard

Modern Kitchen

Formal Dining Room

Outdoor Dining Area

Waterfall garden

Freshwater Swimming Pool

Living Room – looking toward the kitchen

Bedroom Courtyard

Butterfly Room

Garden Room

Dolphin Room

Peacock Room

Peacock Bathroom

Entry Way

Great Snorkeling

Kayaks on our beach

Evening Bonfire at Jamaica Breeze

The Perfect Stay, Guaranteed

Why Seven Palms?

We think there is no better way to experience Jamaica than by stayingat Seven Palms Villa. Away from the crowds and noise of the resorts and yet still providing access to the same beach and attractions that resort goers have. Our villa has a private pool, a private yard, your own personal cook and housekeeper and access to our own private beach. Our staff have an intimate knowledge, love, and respect of the island. Because we vacation here too, we can put you in contact with the best people, best restaurants, best attractions; basically, the best of everything the island has to offer. And our price is usually less than what you would pay at a resort.

What Makes Jamaica Better Than Other Tropical Destinations?

Jamaica is an English-speaking nation with beautiful beaches, friendly people, lots of unique attractions, great food, and the perfect climate year-round. The water is safe to drink from the tap. Grocery stores carry foods you will recognize. The cost of plane fair is lower than to many other destinations. Most business accept US currency and the locals really appreciate you visiting.



Strongly recommended !

I have traveled to Hawaii, Europe and across the US, but have never had anyone as pleasant as the staff at Seven Palms. ... Read More


Thank you for a fabulous week.

We know the meaning of paradise! It's 7 Palms Villa. The staff were the best in the world. Their beautiful smiles and laughter wer infectious. The Bus Stop Mission is wonderful. ... Read More



We would go back tomorrow! Seven Palms is definitely the way to go, especially if you have children. The staff took the guesswork out of vacationing. We were met at the airport by the Villa driver. ... Read More


Thankyou to everyone

Thankyou to everyone for making our week great. We had lots of fun and wer well taken care of by the staff. I especially loved the lemon pie. ... Read More


Doug and Kathy J.

The meals were fabulous, the yard and pool were immaculate and the staff outstanding. Thank you and thanks to the Bus Stop Mission for all that you do for the area. ... Read More