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Seven Palms Villa is a beautiful 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom Jamaican Villa set on a two acre manicured estate, bordering The Jewel Runaway Bay Golf Course. 

The estate is covered with a wide variety of flowering and fruit trees, including mango, ackee, bread fruit, pomegranate, coconut, sour sap, neeseberry, as well as loads of banana and pineapple plants. This Villa boasts all of the touches expected of a luxury home; air conditioned bedrooms, each with in-suite bathrooms, wireless Internet access, flat screen TV's, DVD players as well as a fresh water swimming pool.


The Villa is used exclusively during the summer months by Animal Camp Jamaica, a teen travel program with an emphasis on marine biology and island exploration. During the program's off-season, the Villa is available for rental.

It is an ideal location for a family vacation being in a safe location with lots of space and amenities for large families.

The Villa is just a short walk from the beach. The beach offers shade trees, lounge chairs, tables, bathrooms, and showers. There is also a great reef just offshore which provides an inspiring location to snorkel and scuba dive.

Seven Palms comes fully staffed with caring folks who will see to your every need.  Our staff will keep the Villa clean and tidy, do your laundry, prepare, serve, and clean up meals and complete any needed pool and yard maintenance.  Rental of Seven Palms includes the use of our van and driver for your stay. Our driver will pick you up from the airport on the first day of your stay and take you where you want to go for the duration of your visit.

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Why Seven Palms?

There's no better way to experience a beautiful tropical island than to stay at a beautiful villa. We at Seven Palms Villa will give you direct access to staff that have an intimate knowledge, love, and respect of the island. We vacation here too! We can put you in contact with the best people, best restaurants, best attractions; basically, the best of everything the island has to offer.

What Makes Jamaica Better Than Other Tropical Destinations?

Jamaica is an English speaking Christian nation with beautiful beaches, friendly people who welcome tourists, lots of unique attractions, great food, and clean water. Let's not forget the perfect 80 degree weather year round.

DSC 0924 1One of our favorite things about Jamaica is the wide variety of unique and delicious fruits. Species from around the world grow in harmony in the Jamaican tropical climate and provide a spectrum of wonderful tastes to savor and enjoy. An example is the different kinds of bananas, many of which grow right on the Seven Palms Villa Estate. Our favorite types are the small 'Apple Banana' and the giant 'Black Todd'. If you are up for a little authentic Jamaican, ask AJ (your driver) to take you by Peter the 'Banana Man' and have him teach you the 'Banana Dance'. A hearty laugh will be a certainty.

How Do I Make a Reservation?

Check out the calendar for availabilty and then simply give us a call at (573) 458-2125 or drop us a message though our contact form with your desired date of arrival and departure and how many people will be staying at the Villa. 

DSC 0373 2 1All that is required is a 20% deposit at the time of your reservation and full payment 60 days prior to your arrival date. 

What Airport Should I Use?

Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica - It is only 50 minutes from the Villa. Transportation to and from the airport is included with the Villa rental.

What Do I Need to Travel?

The only item required for travel to Jamaica is a valid passport.

What is the Currency in Jamaica?

Jamaican's refer to their money as the Dollar. The Jamaican $100 bill is almost equal to the US $1 Dollar Bill. Our staff are happy to exchange your money into Jamaican currency. However, we have not yet met anyone who was not ready to take US Dollars. Note: We do NOT recommend that you use the airport to exchange your currency. The exchange rates are typically unfavorable.